The Firm

Our history

The history of our family interweaves with the history of Vecsés and the local German inhabitants. We started producing pickles in the early fifties, first selling our wares on the markets of post-war Budapest, mostly sauerkraut conserved with a pure natural process. Later, as the economy got better and as preservatives became available, we started to sell cold-preserved vegetables, too. At the seventies, as soon as it became possible, we opened our own shop and later as the political system allowed we had our own venture from 1982-2007. Since then we operate as a corporation.

Sauerkraut from Vecsés

The process of creating sauerkraut has been polished to perfection by the German-rooted families living around Vecsés: the cabbage heads are chopped to strings and then mixed in big wooden basins with salt, pepper, bay leaf and sometimes with whole dried red paprika. Then the whole mixture is squeezed first by stepping and later using heavy stones. After that it's left on its own in the required environment to turn into delicious sauerkraut, a natural medicine. It's rich in vitamin C, it cleans the blood and helps cleaning the accumulated unwholesome materials from the bowels. It's also good to the skin and some research suggests that it even rises the sexual potential.